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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Be a Man!

Men's Rights Group Eyes Child Support Stay

This pisses me off to NO end. I mean, full on shaking, want to scream and holler at this guy. Not because he wants "equal" rights. I won't even get into those politics.

What REALLY pisses me off, is that this poor, innocent, little girl will grow up knowing her father doesn't want her and is willing to go to the Supreme Court to prove how much he doesn't want her. What will that do to this girl's self-esteem as she grows? I couldn't imagine growing up with that knowledge.

I don't care if you're male or female....You do the horizontal mambo and you best be prepared to love and care for whatever happens 9 months later.


Shannon said...

I just read the article and this topic came up years ago. My stance is that a woman has a right to seek an abortion, but a man has the right to put on a condom...or keep it in his pants. He has the power to prevent the pregnancy plain and simple.

You're totally right about your "horizontal mambo" comment. Stories like that infuriate me as well.

julia said...

Both parties have the means to prevent pregnancy. Should those preventions fail and abortion doesn't occur, then it behooves BOTH parents to be financially responsible for the child. End of story.