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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Bleed has stopped!!

Such a huge relief has been lifted. We just got word that the internal bleed in FIL has been stopped by the platelets and drugs. They'll test him again in a few hours, but its looking like we've cleared this hurdle.

Ok, I think I've taken my first real breath in days! Now lets see if I actually sleep tonight! Can't wait to see them both tomorrow. I've been part of DH's family for just about 12 years now and it truly feels as if its my father and brother there.


julia said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog. Nice to see another d-blogger out there.

I'm glad your family is doing ok and on the toddler cds, maybe try They Might Be Giants NO! Or For The Kids (various artists). Both are good and won't make you want to claw your ears off your head.