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Monday, March 20, 2006

Say it with me....Sick Again!

A's got another cold and probably another ear infection. Daycare just called to inform me that her fever's back, she's crying and now is pulling on her left ear. Can't she catch a break? It seems like all she does is get sick. Its one of those "ironic" things that aren't really ironic, (hey if Alanis Morrisette can take that literary jump, so can I) that I have to put her in daycare so that I can work, yet the daycare itself makes her so sick, I can't work.

This motherhood thing really is a no-win situation. You're damned if you and damned if you don't.

We brought "she who cries a lot" to the mall the yesterday. We were going to bring her to the parade, but figured between her cold and the fact that neither one of us wanted to stand out in the butt-freezing cold, we wisely chose to push A's 1st parade off for another year. As a penance, we bought her a set of fridge magnets..a la Leap Frog.

This proved to be an endless source of fun for DH and I. How many sentences could we come up with using just each letter once. He had nice sentences like "John is calm", "Johns tired" (ok, no apostrophe, but hey I even gave him "John is kul").

Me, the only thing my demented head came up with was:
"John is a turd", then I expanded that lovely thought to "John is a flegmy turd"...Not at all spelled correctly, but had me laughing so hard, I almost fell on the floor.

And this man got me my battery last night!! Love, that's Love.


julia said...

Oh, I'd better not buy those magnets. I'd be too tempted to leave "TCBIM is a big, fat poo-head" messages when I'm angry with him.