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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Now this deserves my attention

Unwed Fathers Fight for Babies Placed for Adoption by Mothers By TAMAR LEWIN
Published: March 19, 2006

Now this, this is truly a worthy cause. Here are men, standing up wanting their children, children that they may have never known existed and here we are in the US just obliterating their rights.

In my book, the pendulum swings both ways. If a women is going to have sex, knowing full well that any baby she has will go up for adoption, then the burden of contacting all potential fathers before an adoption takes place should be be on her shoulders. Men should not have to register each and every time they have sex....How absurd is that?? And seriously, if you don't know who the father of your child is, you've got bigger emotional issues then the need for a quick adoption.

This burns me just as much, probably more, then the twit who wants the Supreme Court to release him of his "fatherly duties" because he didn't want the baby.