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Friday, March 03, 2006

pssst, Hey you! Want some sugar?

"You are so much more than the sum of your sugars...." - ArtSweet

I found this quote this morning, and it means soooooooo much to me. It's amazing how I attach who I am, with what the meter says. So much so, that I purposely don't test if I know it will be high. I cannot look at a high reading on the meter without equating it as somehow a failure of who I am as a person. Why do I do that?

I know my identity is in no way, shape or form, linked to my diabetes. I am Sarah, and I have diabetes, but I am NOT diabetes. Yet, that meter can make or break my day. One little display, which spits out a number in 5 seconds can literally make or break me.

I need to detach myself. 12.5 yrs and you'd think I know that those numbers have a mind of their own. I could be the model citizen of diabetes, and the numbers decide that I'm actually the drug dealer on the corner handing lollipops out in the land of D.


art-sweet said...

Thanks Sarah! I'm thrilled to learn that my post was useful to you. I cracked up picturing you handing out lollipops outside the endo clinic...