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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

T1 Diabetes

I'm constantly amazed at how I'm interested when I find out someone else has diabetes. Its like I'm meeting another member of some secret cult that a select few have joined.

I found out today that Elliot Yamin and Kevin Covais - 2 of the contestants on American Idol this yr are both diabetics. Elliot wears an insulin pump. I find this INCREDIBLY interesting and find myself routing for them regardless of their talent.

My DH thinks I'm off my rocker when stuff like this interests me, but seeing other people (whether I know them or not) who have this disease and know the ins and outs / ups and downs like I do, makes me feel less alone. I dunno, maybe you need to have it to understand....


art-sweet said...

Sarah -

How long have you had T1?

Did you have it before you got pregnant? If so, how did your pregnancy go?

Sarah said...

I was Dx'd in 1993 when I was close to 17. My pregnancy went great. Its a lot of work, but there were no complications with DD or myself. I was probably testing close to 20 times a day.

It went so well that DH and I are probably going to take that leap again this spring, hopefully!

art-sweet said...

Wow - that's fantastic - and inspiring! Twenty times a day... that's almost a whole bottle of my little one-touch strips. I'd love to see what my insurance company would do with a perscription for 2 boxes of strips a WEEK!

Sarah said...

20 times is probably a little embellishment on my side..LOL

I was testing every roughly 2 Hours - when I got up, before each meal, an hour after each meal, 2 hours after and 2x at night. If I found a high, I was checking every hour till it came down.

I can tell you that I suffered SEVERE burn-out after Ally was born and am trying my hardest to get back into the rhythm.

Highest A1C during pg was 6.4 right when I foudn out. After that I was in the 5's.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the American Idol. I don't know why either, but it made me smile too!