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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stupid Quote of the Day

"I have opinions of my own --strong opinions-- but I don't always agree with them."
- George Bush, former U.S. President

Brought to you by the makers of TheraFlu, who, medically, has given me the ability to breath air without tiny, little daggers attacking my throat, but has fully taken away my ability to put a coherent thought together.

A has successfully brought the plague down on us. I was hoping to come up with some funny "and the heavens became hell and the sun stop shining, and trolls overtake the earth... but, ya, the brain power was not stringing that together this morning.

DH and I are sick, A's got another ear infection and she's lost weight. JC! I was hoping to crack that freakin 20lbs mark...Nope 19 lbs 7 ounces. We're now off the chart for weight...GRRRRRRRR!!! This child of mine went from 10lbs 4.8 oz at birth (and yes, my bs's were SPECTACULAR during pg - highest A1c was 6.4%, all others in the 5;s) which was off the charts at around 99%, to 19 lbs 7 ounces at just about 17 months, which put her off the bottom of the charts (somewhere around 2-3%). She still hasn't doubled her birth weight!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that's one meandering thought there! And I'm going to work today! LOL