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Monday, March 20, 2006

Some days I wonder....

Last night, my pumped beeped at me. That alone is not a strange event. The pump beeps at me all the time. The beep du jour was Low Battery. Roll over, scrounge through my nightstand drawer find a battery and a nickle...Beep, Beep, Beep...Low battery...What the F&ck!!! My nice, loving DH goes downstairs and finds me a new battery. While he was gone I got to thinking..."This is so weird". Here I am, in bed, awake, because a device that is PHYSICALLY ATTACHED to me, needs a battery. "Normal" people don't live like this...I can't even adequately describe how "abnormal" I suddenly felt. I felt like the Million Dollar Man, but in a bad way.

I had just finished watching an episode of the Soprano's, their life was more "normal" then mine.

I dunno, some days my head does some benders that send me spinning. Most days I don't even give my pump a second thought. Just last night, wow, it was weird ...or maybe I'm just weird.